Gayus' Two Contrasting Houses -

Gayus' Two Contrasting Houses - 25/03/2010, 14:05 WIB

JAKARTA, - Gayus Halomoan Tambunan, 30, lately has been under the scrutiny of the public since his name was implicated in case brokering within the National Police. It has come to attention recently that he has two houses. One is in Gading Park View, Block ZE 6, no. 1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. The other house, which is older, is in Warakas, Papanggo, North Jakarta.

Gayus' luxury home in Kelapa Gading, is reported to be worth more than a billion rupiahs. "The houses here are worth at least Rp. 1 billion," admitted a source from the developer to

As reported previously, the taxation office employee's name came up in the statement of former chief detective, Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji, regarding case brokering within the police. It was then revealed that Gayus had Rp. 25 billion in his bank account, which he claimed to be someone else's money, namely Andi Kosasih, a property businessman in Batam.

An employee in the Gading Park View complex commented, "He used to show up a lot. He goes out in the morning, and comes home really late at night." But since the case brokering issue has heated up, Gayus is seldom seen around that house. He estimated that Gayus has lived in Gading Park View since 2009. "I'm sure it's the same Mr. Gayus as in the news. The name and face are exactly as on TV."

In contrast to his luxury home, the other house in Warakas is decrepit and in a very crammed area. This house has been known to be uninhabited now. Gayus used to live here with his parents around 1970 to 2004. (C11-09/C17-09)


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